LiveStream Links

Want to watch what is happening in real time at SAA? This is where it is happening! Visit through the link below, sign up for an account, and you will be notified every time SAA posts a new event! Watch us live, view achieved events that you missed, or browse through our history. We would love to have you visit, but we know that isn't always possible. So send us a shout-out on Facebook and enjoy!


LiveStream for SAA (click on this link for events)


To be notified of upcoming events, follow the instructions below. How to watch games and events live. And it's free!

Here are a few steps that might be helpful when you are trying to watch an event on

Step 1: From the home page, click "Watch"

Home Page.PNG

Step 2: Using the Search Bar at the top of the page, typing in "Sunnydale" and choose Sunnydale Adventist Academy from the drop down menu.

Search Page.PNG

Step 3: From the Sunnydale account page, click the green "Follow" button. This will give you access to all of our events and will notify the email you provided (you will have to sign up for a free account) when a new event has been scheduled or has begun. 

And that's it! If you haven't already created an account, you will now be prompted to do so. These steps will only be needed by first-time users. If you have any questions, send us an email through our contact page and we will be happy to help! Happy Livestreaming!