Funding the Mission of Sunnydale Adventist Academy
– A Student Financial Scholarship Campaign


Funding the Mission of Sunnydale Academy: A Student Financial Scholarship Campaign Would you like to share this video with your church, friends, and family? Click Here to Download:

Funding the Mission of Sunnydale Academy: A Student Financial Scholarship Campaign - Student Stories Please share our video! You can also download a copy by clicking this link:


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Sunnydale has increasing enrollment. This year our beginning enrollment was 151 an impressive growth from 86 students in 2005.

Need for financial assistance has increased. 10 years ago the percentage of students that needed financial assistance was 47%. Today it is 84%.

Work opportunities on the Academy campus have changed. Recent rules handed down by the U.S. Labor Department make it very difficult, if not impossible, to operate a business on campus using student labor. These rules have also changed the campus work/study opportunities that have been a part of Sunnydale since its beginning.

All of these factors translate to additional need for student financial support.


"Our Miracle School" Part 1 Would you like to download a copy, share with a friend, or show this video at your church? Just click this link to download:

Raise Funds in Advance. Having a pool of sufficient student assistance funds at the beginning of the year ensures that all those with limited financial resources may enroll. 

The Campaign Goal. To raise $700,000 immediately. This would cover the current year’s need and begin to build a pool of funds for the next year. By the beginning of the 2018-19 school year we should have sufficient funds available to cover the need for that year.

Your Gift Opportunities. During this campaign, appeals will be made by personal visits, phone calls, emails and letters. Should you wish to make a gift in advance of a contact send to:

Sunnydale Adventist Academy 
6818 Audrain Rd 9139 Centralia, MO 65240

Continuing to share the stories of Sunnydale's early history, we are proud to bring you another Sunnydale Archives Presentation. Would you like to show this video to a friend or at church? Click on the link to download:

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Student Stories

"God helps me and lifts me up using other people to spread His word. Sunnydale has given me the personal relationship with God I've been searching for."

"My family and I had no idea how I was going to be able to come to Sunnydale, but because of our church and donors, we were able to work it out. That was a real blessing."

"Sunnydale is a very spiritual place. I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip because of SAA. That experience showed me how other people live and made me realize how lucky we are to live and go to school where we do."

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