Sunnydale Adventist Academy Missions

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Africa Mission Trip Information


What will they do?

Students and sponsors from the U.S. will work with local people to build a school and church buildings.

Where will the students stay?  They will stay with school sponsors in a hotel or possibly in the school buildings.

How much will the trip cost?

Money raised for Mission trips will cover airfare, hotel, food, etc.  The only expense not covered is souvenirs and pre-trip costs.  The pre-trip costs are for a passport ($135 estimated) and immunizations (cost depends on how many immunizations received). Final deadline is the end of December.

India Mission Trip Information

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What will they do?   

Students have the opportunity to preach an evangelistic meeting to people who know little or nothing about Jesus Christ and Christianity.  They will have a translator for every meeting and work as a team.  The PowerPoint sermons are already prepared and preaching notes are provided.  Bible workers have already been working to prepare the people. 

Where do the missionaries stay?

The students will live in a church with sponsors from Sunnydale and the Iowa-Missouri Conference.  They will need to bring a tent to sleep in.  Food is prepared by local cooks.  It is pioneer missionary work with pioneer living conditions.

What training will the student missionaries receive?

Student will learn how to use the electronic equipment and how to preach with the PowerPoint program before they go.  Once in India, each speaker’s meeting site will be visited periodically to provide further training and encouragement.

How much does the trip cost?

The money raised for missions will cover all expenses including travel, food, lodging, and evangelism expenses. The only thing not included is money for souvenirs and pre-trip costs of passport ($135 estimated) and any immunizations.  There are no mandatory immunizations.

Local Missions
La Vida Mission, New Mexico, USA

What will they do?

Student who participate in the local, in-country mission trips have been part of disaster relief and re-building projects in several states. Students help build homes, paint, pick up trash, clean out storm damaged homes, and visit with local residents and churches. Students learn real life skills while helping residents and communities recover from natural disasters.

Where will they stay?

Arrangements are made with local churches and communities for student accommodations. School sponsors and parents travel with the students, and in the past they have stayed in churches, gymnasiums, and church camp housing.

How much does it cost?

The standard cost for these local mission trips ranges from $100-$300. This covers the cost of transportation, food, lodging, and general safety equipment for the mission trip.