Enrollment Process 


We try to keep it simple but there are a number of forms that need to be completed as one goes through the enrollment process.  The enrollment process is outlined below.  The forms listed are fill-able PDF format and may be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted area.   Information may then be typed in, printed, and then mailed, faxed or scanned/emailed back to Sunnydale’s enrollment mailbox at enrollment@sunnydale.org  To start the process it may be helpful to print the Application Checklist and track the steps as you go.


A. Complete the Application form. The information supplied on you Application Form becomes a part of your permanent record so please fill it out completely.

B. Arrange to have three (3) Recommendation forms filled out and mailed to SAA by people who know you well, such as your pastor, your boss, a teacher, or an adult friend.

C. If you will be a 9th grader, send a copy of your 8th grade diploma and grade report card. If you are a transfer student arrange to have a copy of your transcript sent to SAA. If acceptance is granted without a diploma or transcript being submitted, it is conditional until they are received.

D. Send items A and C to Sunnydale as soon as possible in the spring preceding the year you plan to enroll.  This step completes the application process. Upon receiving a letter of acceptance, complete steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 below.

E. If applying as an international student please visit this link for more information: International Student


Make financial arrangements with the VP of Finance. Please take care of this before July 10. Financial clearance is not granted until a financial plan has been completed, approved, and the first payment is received.

                                                     Financial Assistance Form                3-Way Scholarship Form


A. Consent for Medical Treatment form must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian.

B. According to Missouri State Law, certain immunization must be obtained and an immunization record must be on file in order for students to attend classes.  This requirement can be met by having your healthcare provider certify our immunization form, sending a copy of a certified record you may already have or sending a copy of the immunization record from your previous school.

C. Physical examinations are required of all new students and student planning to participate in sports activities before school begins. Your may use the physical exam form available here.


Make copies of the student's Medical Insurance cards. These may be faxed or sent to Sunnydale with other completed paperwork. Our fax number is: 573-682-3136.


Plan to complete the admission process by registering for classes on Sunday, August 13, 2017. A parent of the responsible guardian needs to accompany the student on registration day.


In order to complete all of the registration steps you will need to sign the:

Student Contact Information Form, Technology Agreement form, and Health Care Assessment Form.


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